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"The perfect place to have kids learn about track and field, have fun, and make friends."--Parent

The Monadnock Area Cross Country Camp (7th year) and the Elm City Track
Club (5th year) have found a very successful recipe for working with area youth,
developing their critical skills, and equipping young people for success in these
two sports! Just as importantly, young people love our camps, with the great
majority returning year after year, eager to learn, train, and have fun.

The Camp Staff believes in hard work, excellent teaching of fundamentals,
and having fun, and these three beliefs drive what we do each day at camp.
We start each day with training to make young people of all ages and abilities
better athletes. We follow that with specific teaching of the basics of our sport,
introducing events to beginners, enhancing and reinforcing skills of veterans.
Finally, each day ends with cooperative games, free time, and open swim, so that
training and learning can be combined with fun: a true recipe for success.

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